[#][F] Eric Minton - 2/24/2018
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To put it differently, I'm not saying that credit is never sufficient to cover all use cases so much as that the line between credit and currency is often much fuzzier than most people think.
A fair point, and currency tokens are absolutely a thing in appropriate Threshold locales.

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That said, it sounds like The Realm is in fact going to have a more in-depth discussion of so-called (by Core) "informal economics?" If so I might just be able to hold out for that instead of having to resort to the previously-mentioned homebrew Guild copper standard...
Unfortunately, there was neither opportunity nor word count to provide an in-depth discussion of credit in The Realm. (And the book doesn't cover tokens at all; yen fractions ought to be small enough to minimize the need for smaller informal currency.) The book is overstuffed as it is; we had to persuade Onyx Path to provide additional word count over the original outline in order to try and fit everything in.