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So, minor details that may be answered in The Realm, but I'm curious about. We've got the classic major Dynastic Secondary Schools, the Heptagram, Cloister of Wisdom, House of Bells and Spiral Academy. (There's also Pasiap's Stair and the House of the Tamed Storm but those are specific, and not the focus of my question). I'm wondering, do all Exalted Dynasts go through one of those four secondary schools? I'm not sure how exclusive they're supposed to be, or if a Terrestrial interested in something more specific might still end up attending one, or might go to a more humble academy instead? (or make his own way in the world)
Most Exalted Dynasts go to the four great secondary schools; they have the best educators and facilities, the most rigorous curricula, and the best opportunities for networking with one's peers. Occasionally, an Exalted Dynast will go to a lesser secondary school; this is typically the result of a lack of resources and connections, and is generally considered to be bad for her future prospects. A very few young Exalted Dynasts are specifically kept back from secondary school in order to be trained within the house; this is generally meant to turn the young Dynast into a tool to be deployed for some specific purpose.

(The Palace of the Tamed Storm is a primary school in 3e, which is my read on how its 1e presentation was intended.)