[#][F] The Demented One - 3/12/2018
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Do the Lintha react in a similarly hostile manner to Solars as the Realm, albeit for different reasons (remembrance of those responsible for shattering their empire and driving their people to near-extinction, rather than the teachings of the Immaculate Order about anathema)?
Most Lintha are probably more concerned with the practicalities of the Realm's pirate-hunting in the present day than the dim events of ancient history. Of those who still remember their family's history, I think they'd be aware that the modern day Realm is not the Old Realm that brought low the Lintha.

Or do they regard the returning Solars neutrally or as potential allies, as they appeared to do for oceangoing Lunars of the Stone Society in previous editions? How would they likely react to one of their own exalting as a Solar? (I can guess how Lintha Ng Hut Dukantha would react to a potential rival of such power, but I'm more curious about the general culture's reaction.)
I think the response would depend entirely on the particular Exalt (Solar, Lunar, or something else) and the particular Lintha, and the circumstances in which they're interacting.