[#][F] The Demented One - 3/14/2018
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Speaking of walrus mating, I have the vague memory that one of the 2e books mentioned Ahlat's successor as the God of Walrus Mating Fights, though nothing really about them, not even a name. Would said god have any relationship with Ahlat? One of his former subordinates (the god of Walrus Whisker Grooming?)? Would Ahlat take a sort of distant mentor/role model for that god, or would he violently avoid even seeing the other god and remembering his former lowly station?
I think there are fun stories to tell either way.

Is there a certain cachet to the position, as it once provided the stepping stone to greater things, thus making it surprisingly coveted by ambitious godlings?
I don't think anyone in Heaven is clamoring to fill out paperwork on walruses humping. :P