[#][F] RichT - 3/30/2018
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“All of our white wolf licensed... have been deluxe...” is a factually untrue statement. I don’t know what the hell you’re on about me “acting out.” I have pointed out a discrepancy between statement and fact. If I have to go digging through kickstarters to find more prestiges to prove my point, I guess I’ll do that later.
I don't know when the quoted comment was made, but at a point during our KSs that was true. And if you consider anything besides a standard press run book as "Deluxe", then that's still true, I guess. But in my mind I've tried to keep separate our Deluxe project KSs (which are called Deluxe on their KSs), our Prestige edition KSs (which our Chronicles of Darkness books have been), and projects we Kickstarted to get a traditional regular print run created and out into stores (something we've started doing and are doing more of). If somebody mis-spoke, they made a mistake in nomenclature and let's just all get on the same page regardless of the cited comment and step back a bit from fighting over it.

BTW, our Prestige Editions have not been just regular printed books as we've added bells and whistles to be at least on par with the most ornate CofD core books WW was capable of doing back in the day, and often enhanced them more. Those core books back then were not business as usual in printing either.