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... the Heptagram only takes five to seven students a year?

I mean. I get that sorcery isn't a popular career path in the Realm, but that's one-half a student per house per year. This seems... low.
It's probably closer to ten per year? Not a lot, but consider that there aren't a lot of students in any of the four great secondary schools. 10,000-ish Dragon-Blooded Dynasts spread across all ages means something like a thousand secondary school students at any one time. So you're only going to have an annual enrollment of, what, a couple of hundred students? in all secondary schools combined. So the Heptagram is very exclusive, but only by one order of magnitude.

(This is off the cuff, so my numbers above are ballpark at the very best; I welcome corrections from someone with better statistical information, but preferably in another thread so as not to clutter up this one.)

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Anyway, I have two questions in this vein:

First, if you can't get into the Heptagram, is Pasiap's Stair considered a viable second choice despite its lesser status? (Pasiap's Stair is the only non-Heptagram secondary school specifically called out as having a sorcery track, albeit one that's battle-magic focused. But maybe you want that if you're a Cathak or Sesus.)
The Heptagram's low enrollment stems from the small number of potential students who have both the aptitude and a family that's interested in training their child as a sorcerer. They aren't actively turning away potential sorcerers to deliberately keep their enrollment down.

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Secondly, do the Sidereal faculty at the Heptagram still sorcerously enjoin their students from being able to talk about their Sidereal-ness, or given the fact that Sidereals are not Anathema anymore and that at least some people know they exist and uphold the Realm, do they just not care?
There isn't any active effort by Sidereals to share their identities with Heptagram students, so such precautions aren't necessary. And there isn't a significant long-term Sidereal presence there in any event; they're sufficiently few in number that they can't afford to dedicate several operatives to training Realm students in sorcery.