[#][F] Eric Minton - 4/11/2018
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Thank you kindly for the response, Eric. I imagine this has been a very big month for you, community-relations wise. You and Robert and Stephen have been very available and very patient with all of us amateur social scientists who want this that and the other thing.
That's what we're here for!

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1) I have been assuming that those who Exalt in their later teens are still welcome to enroll as freshmen. That is, every year the secondary schools are going to have a new crop of fifteen-year-olds but with a non-trivial number of sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen year olds in the mix, who will be taking the same courses and are part of the same cohort. You won't be turned down as "too old" just because your Exaltation spent some additional time in the oven. Is this correct?
Such students would typically attend one of the lesser secondary schools for patricians and un-Exalted Dynasts, and transfer in to one of the four great secondary schools after Exaltation.

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2) Which secondary school or schools have the highest proportions of un-Exalted Dynasts accepted? I usually assume Spiral Academy but I can see an argument for Cloister of Wisdom.
I figure it's the Spiral Academy and the House of Bells, due to wealthy and prestigious patrician families with longstanding bureaucratic and military traditions paying the necessary price to get their most talented mortal scions into those institutions. I'm not sure if the Cloister even accepts mortal students at all; they can't master their Essence, and a school built on Immaculate principles seems unlikely to look favorably upon mortal students who seek to show themselves equal to the school's Dragon-Blooded student body.