[#][F] The Demented One - 4/15/2018
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Roots-of-the-World Meditation is a really strange Integrity charm. It heals damage, it cures disease, and your roll doesn't involve Integrity at all.

Could you maybe talk about this charm a bit? I'm confused as to why it's in Integrity instead of Resistance (I acknowledge that it can also fix Derangements, but that's only one of the things it can fix out of a stack of others),
Meditating to heal your body and drive out afflictions by force of inner discipline is very much evocative of Integrity (see Body-Restoring Benison), although those effects are also things Resistance can do.

and why it's an Essence + Willpower (Temp) roll?
Makes it so that you can't boost the roll with Excellencies, and adds some swinginess to it.

EDIT: Can't, not can.