[#][F] Eric Minton - 4/16/2018
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So it'd be more along the lines of.... I forget which 2E Book it was, but there was a sidebar with like, six different options that the Emissary of Nexus could be, from "the Council of Entities has twelve people running around in identical masks" to "He's a First Age Solar that survived somehow". Or the one that provided offhand explanations for the Bull of the North that included being a Lunar, Abyssal, etc. instead of a Solar?

Because those were always some of my favorite things back in the day. You don't need to say how it is, but giving me a half dozen "how it could be" things about something ambiguous is great for letting me see if one of those works for me or I make my own.
That’s the plan, though it would be a much more extensive tool kit, with notes on additional sub-variations. (If it helps, I’m the one who wrote that sidebar on the Bull.)