[#][F] The Demented One - 4/16/2018
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If my character is blind, can I use Feeling the Dragon’s Bones to negate most combat penalties for fighting while blind?
All-Encompassing Earth Sense is the Charm you'd want to use for that, ideally with Feeling the Dragon's Bones committed to negate its cost.

Would you consider it reasonable for my character to be able to just have it going indefinitely, provided they never used non-Earth charms? Or would that need an upgrade charm?
Elemental Auras end at the end of a scene.

Would an upgrade to All-Encompassing Earth Sense that let you keep the Air or Water versions up while in the appropriate Aura work?
It'd be unnecessary - when you use an elemental variant of a Charm, its aspect becomes that of the element you're using.

What effect does Dragon’s Crushing Gaze actually have? Say there’s a stealthy person spying on me, I use this charm, I win the roll and now they lose one success. But...that doesn’t help me, because I won the roll already. Do other people get to reroll? Or are we supposed to remember the rolls everyone else got and they retroactively win if they only missed by one? How does it work?
The latter.