[#][F] The Demented One - 4/16/2018
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So "scrying magic" is something that has been alluded to in the core book in sorcery, notably with Travel Without Distance, and with Terrestrial Circle Ambition 2 Workings as something you can ward against. However, there aren't any actual spells or working descriptions on how to actually scry.
  1. If I wanted to view or listen to someone across Creation, could that be done as a working? If so, what rough level?
  2. If it should be a spell, do you consider it appropriate to do a working in place of a spell that one doesn't know in general?
Thanks, just looking into how to expand the concept of scrying in general in my games going forward. It's definitely something that's missing in sorcery, imo.
Single-use scrying is probably best done as a spell. Workings might be used to make a scrying pool/mirror, or give someone a prosthetic eye that you can then scry through.