[#][F] The Demented One - 4/17/2018
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More archery questions.

Is the aim action needed to make a shot at medium+ range distinct from the one needed for Sky-Calming Draw? If not, if I’m in Air Aura, does that mean I can use Sky-Calming Draw to shoot people without aiming?
If a Charm wants you to aim, it provides its benefits in addition to whatever you're normally getting from aiming.

If I combo Drawing Lightning Style and Sky-Calming Draw, do I still have to spend an action aiming if I’m in Air aura?
Yeah, Drawing Lightning still wants you to aim separately.

Seven Year Swarm Volley sounds more like an extra action charm name to me, while Swallows Defend the Nest sounds ...well, defensive in nature. But their effects are the other way around. Can you explain the logic behind these names?
Hmm. Not too late to change that.

I’m a little confused why Arrow Rain Tempest is a Water charm sitting deep in a tree full of Wood charms. I’m assuming it’s because the charm is absurdly powerful, so making it amazingly difficult to set up is necessary, but is that the actual reason?
Because it makes it rain down arrows.