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One of the things that I've noticed about some artefacts, specifically Warstriders, is the sheer amount of Evocations gated behind certain Solar charms, which kind of force you into a certain build. On one end of the spectrum, there's Cathedral of Sublime Annihilation and Karvara, both of which have a single Evocation building off a thematically appropriate Solar charm and that Evocation doesn't seem to branch out into other Evocations. On the other end of the spectrum, you've All Conquering Colossus (5 of its 10 charms require you invest in Solar Brawl) and Ascendant Nova Phoenix (8 of its 12 charms require investment in charms spread over three abilities).

Getting the resources to get a Warstrider in the first place is though enough before realizing you didn't favour the abilities needed to master its Evocations, and as more Exalts come out in the future, they'll be locked out of those Evocations completely, though I appreciate that only Solars were out when Arms dropped.
Remember that the written Evocations are only a suggestion. If a warstrider fits your concept but the Charms it builds off of don't, or if you're playing a different type of Exalt, that's a great reason to come up with your own divergent set. That is additional work, and I appreciate the labor requirement, but we can't write every artifact to be all things to all players.

Going forward, will Warstriders be more like to former end instead of the latter?
Difficult to forecast at this point. I think it'd depend on the context the warstrider appears in. If it's showing up in the artifacts chapter of, say, Getimians, it's probably going to have at least a fair few Evocations upgrading Getimian Charms. If it's showing up in a more universal book, it's got better odds of being more generally accessible.

While I'm here; how do Warstriders interact with the Anima Banner? The chapter fiction implies that it's constrained to inside the fuselage, does that mean that the Warstrider won't bear my caste mark on its forehead when I light up or be surrounded by my iconic when I go bonfire?
I don't think caste marks would shine through it, although anima banner eventually will, limning the entire warstrider.

When a Warstrider is broken to the point of needing a Working to get it going again, does that count as the working needed to create it no longer being relevant and the XP being refunded? What about XP from previous repairs?
Sure, although I primarily expect that to come up in the context of finding a ruined warstrider built in the First Age and having to rebuild it.