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In that case, how much is transferrable to IC knowledge? When you see someone spend a bunch of motes and throw 20 dice at you, you - for someone relying on DV for defence, anyhow - boost your DV higher to try and stop this attack. This is an in-character action taken from the knowledge that is apparently only available to the player, not the character. How much is this knowledge transferrable?
Clearly your character is aware of the danger on a general level, otherwise their actions in response make no sense. There are any number of ways to interpret this, from "My opponent's fist is glowing and setting the air on fire, that's scary!" to "My opponent's perfect stance and quick, accurate delivery means I need to guard myself against this attack" to "I just have a bad feeling about this." Your character does not know anything about motes or dice or specific Charms. (Barring the occasional Charm whose effects are sufficiently apparent and memorable to be recognizable in-character as some sort of signature technique, of course.)

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Does this mean that enemies cannot tell, at all, that you have used RI8DS or other such effects? Does this mean that even if you the player know, your character is not allowed to?
The Storyteller benefits from transparency to the same extent as players, and non-player characters benefit from transparency to the same extent as player characters.