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Hm. What manner of soldier constitutes a typical Realm garrison? Local and/or foreign auxiliaries? Mercenaries? Legion-trained troops assigned to garrison duty rather than the more mobile legions? All/some/none of the above? Whatever the House can get?
Garrison forces are provided by the satrap's house, which means pretty much whatever the house is willing and able to field. These wouldn't have been "Legion-trained troops assigned to garrison duty," insofar as the Great Houses had no authority over the Imperial legions until a couple of years ago — with the exceptions that they might field some retirees, and that Cathak, Sesus, and Tepet might have used their house legion troops for key garrison duties. I figure they were primarily some combination of peasants recruited from the house's prefectures and commoners recruited from the house's satrapies, with officers drawn from experienced garrison troops, retired legionnaires and skirmishers, and commissioned patricians. Mercenaries would be relatively rare, and auxiliaries wouldn't technically be part of the garrison.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to elaborate on this in The Realm. Even though we were able to expand the book upon being reassigned as developers, there was simply too much info to include and not enough word count to cover everything we might have wanted to. But maybe we'll get the opportunity to flesh this stuff out in an appropriate book somewhere down the line.

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How large or small is the typical garrison? Is it dependent on the physical size/geography of the nation in question? Population size? Relative importance defined by House matriarchs?
It's not specified, allowing the Storyteller to set the numbers to whatever makes sense for the situation and is suitable for the story. At the moment, garrison numbers are usually significantly less than the satrap desires, as troops are being withdrawn to the Blessed Isle so they're on hand if civil war breaks out.