[#][F] The Demented One - 6/12/2018
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‚ÄčI had a thought once on the idea of a sorcerer having made a speech intended to instil something in an army, and then using an Ambition 3 Solar working to make an arrangement that when an enemy nation deploys a force against him, it just happens to include everybody that was won over by the proselytizing. Do you think that works? Is it too narrow? Does it step on the toes of things that might manipulate Fate, and would it be a bad thing if it did?
Assuming I'm understanding that correctly, that sort of causality-meddling doesn't really seem like the territory of sorcerous workings.

I keep wondering if Imperial Miracles from Jenna Moran's games are helpful for thinking about them.
They would be, but an Imperial Miracle can potentially be far more powerful than even the highest-end Solar Circle workings.