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What did th Salinan Working actually do in 3rd edition? Were there not the various possible initiations until Salina reshaped reality? Or did mortals not have the ability to initiate?
I'm very curious about the Working myself - the old version doesn't really work with Sorcery now being an inborn train, I don't think?

When discussing the Salinan Working, it's necessary to distinguish between its First Edition and Second Edition presentations.

In First Edition, the Salinan Working was a vast undertaking to preserve sorcerous knowledge, encoding the lessons needed to initiate into each circle of sorcery and a vast library of spells into Creation itself, leaving signs and clues in the patterns of the natural world that guide aspirants to spirits geased with sharing that information to those who ask in the appropriate way. In this manner, a great deal of sorcerous knowledge survived the Usurpation.

In Second Edition, the Salinan Working, in addition to preserving sorcerous knowledge, also warped fate and causality such that any aspirant who desired to seek sorcery would inevitably come to encounter the five stations of initiation, and was but the first step to Salina's vision of making all circles of sorcery available to all sorcerers.

In Ex3, we're going with the First Edition presentation of the Salinan Working.