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I've just got the 1st ed bundle of pdfs from the backer. I've read the aspect books a fair bit before, but only skimmed my friend's copy of 1st ed DB and Outcastes. The main difference I remember with 2nd ed was that 1st ed DB had stuff about festivals and what colour clothes people wore, and 1st ed Lookshy was written in less positive a way.

Is there any particular part of 1st ed Dragonblood (or Outcastes, or the Aspect books) that you recommend as still being useful in 3rd ed? Or that you yourself were inspired by, even if it changed a bit?
While the First Edition books aren't going to be 100% accurate to Third Edition, they played a major role in inspiring it.

Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded was our primary source text for What Fire Has Wrought and The Realm, especially with regards to the Realm's history and society. While there are definitely places we've changed its presentation, it remains our starting point.

The Aspect Books - in addition to making a really good read - were used as biographical references for the characters detailed in them, like Mnemon and Tepet Ejava.

The Outcastes provided our source material for Lookshy, although it probably changed the most on account of Ex3's revised depiction of "magitech." It's also the source text for the depiction of Forest Witches coming up in the Dragon-Blooded Companion.

Blood and Salt is notable for its depictions of the satrapy of An-Teng and the Lintha headquarters of Bluehaven, although you won't see those until Across the Eight Directions.

Thousand Correct Actions is just neat - a pastiche of Sun Tzu written from a Shogunate perspective.