[#][F] The Demented One - 6/13/2018
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I had a couple of questions about the Impervious Sphere of Water spell, from What Fire Hath Wrought.

First, if it's not your control spell, can you move with it? The spell says that the caster can only take reflexive actions, which includes standard movement (but not things like Rush or Disengage). The control spell effect says it allows you to take movement actions, and that the sphere follows you. I'm confused if the sphere following you is supposed to apply only to the control spell, or all castings. The way I see it, there are three possible interpretations:
1) If the spell isn't your control spell, its immobile, and the caster can take only reflexive actions, which don't include the standard reflexive movement, meaning they have to stand at the center of the sphere. If the sphere is your control spell, it moves with you, and you can take any of the movement actions without ending it.
2) The sphere moves with you even if its not your control spell. You can take the standard reflexive movement, moving the sphere with you. Having it as a control spell is the same, except you can also take the other, non-reflexive movement actions.
3) The sphere is immobile or moves as you wish. The caster can move reflexively, even if it's not their control spell, and can either have the sphere follow them or stay where they cast it. Control spell is similar, but with non-reflexive movement actions allowed.

Which of these is correct?
Normally, you can take the standard reflexive move action, but the sphere doesn't move with you. Having it as your control lets you do stuff like rush and disengage without breaking the spell, in addition to having it move with you.

Second, the distortion effect seems a little lethal for the caster, at least if they can't leave the sphere - making the water unbreathable basically means that unless you've got a way to be immune to drowning, you're sunk (no pun intended). Is that the intent, or is it balanced based on the assumption that the caster can leave the sphere? If that's the case, then the control spell effect might need to be clarified, since as written, it seems like the sphere would always follow them.
The sorcerer can roll to escape a distorted sphere just like anyone else caught in it.

I'll see if I can't clarify both those points a bit.