[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 6/25/2018
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Shouldn't the current charmset be shittier by that metric, since (outside fo past life memories) the progress the exalted made in the first age has been largely forgotten.

That said I think "progress" is better expressed through advanced artifacts or the like, not better innate powers.
The First Edition corebook, in the sidebar on custom Charms, said "No you can't just make a custom version of an existing Charm with a lower mote cost; the Charms currently in use by the Exalted were honed to the absolute limit of efficiency over the millennia of the First Age; if you want to make a custom Charm, it has to be meaningfully different from an existing Charm." Or some such. And it's obviously just something being said to discourage "I want to remake Excellent Strike but cheaper," but it also established that the Exalted of the early First Age must have had shittier Charmsets.

Presumably the increased efficiency of modern Charms are transmitted through the memories of the Exaltation.

(Then we wrote Dreams of the First Age and wanted to present the whole scope of First Age history as playable, at which point... no. Out that concept went!)