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While I'd like to ask the general question of what sorts of backgrounds a typical starting Dynast might have to represent how such people are situated in Realm society (which, I think, would have been a really helpful addition to the DB manuscript), I'll confine my question to something a bit more narrow: what backgrounds might typify a starting Immaculate monk from a Great House?

More specifically, would two dots in Backing: Immaculate Order make sense?
That sounds fair, much like the corebook example of a dues-paying Guild member.

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What about Influence?
Depends on the character's situation. Could be zero dots, especially for a monk new to the area who's using a monastic name rather than a Dynastic one. Reputation, connections, holding some sort of local authority, etc., could all be used to justify a higher rating. This is something to discuss with your Storyteller.

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I'm not sure why I don't know the answer to this next one: do Dynasts formally in the Order still receive stipends from their Houses?
Not explicitly stated, but insofar as monks take a vow of poverty, it's fair to assume that they no longer receive stipends while in the Order.