[#][F] The Demented One - 7/8/2018
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I love Exalted. I want more books. How can I help?

Who is the best point of contact for questions about assisting the production of Exalted titles. I have made one freelance submission, and I plan on writing more. I don't think the submissions inbox is the appropriate forum for questions. I will only send pieces for consideration to that email. From what I gather from listening to the Onyx Pathcast, more submissions convey both a commitment to writing and give you the developers more to assess our capabilities. As amazing as it would be to contribute to the wondrous tapestry of Exalted mythology, I desire to aid in any way I am able to. I could write an index, make a reference spreadsheet that writers could use to ensure that gameplay is balanced, learn copyediting, etc.

Thanks for the time you two take to interact with the community.
As developers, the only contracting decisions we make are deciding who to bring on as writers. Art, layout, production, and the like are all in other people at OPP's wheelhouses. Outside of art submissions, the person to speak to would be Rich Thomas, but I honestly have no idea whether unsolicited applications would be useful to him. But thank you!