[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 7/16/2018
Well, what I don’t want to see out of additional animal styles is multiplication of complexity beyond the sort of “Here is the name of the style, and all the Charms of the style; now here is the next style” design we see in e.g. the corebook. I don’t think we need multiple styles of the same name or regional variants with one Charm swapped out for another—and I think handling it that way is both sort of nonsensical considering that there’s not enough Exalted, Charm-using MA practitioners for multiple supernatural variants of any given MA to be believable, and doesn’t much mesh with the “Supernatural MA’s expression of fundamental cosmic truth re: this archetype” shtick that usually comes up when it’s time to explain why Sidereals have proficiency with it.

(Besides, you run into the how-do-I-learn-both-variants problem, where your solutions are going to be something like “You can’t,” which people always hate, “You can but you have to buy the whole style again,” which people always hate and which comes with variants like “you get a discount on the redundant charms in the style the second time” which just demonstrates that your approach is broken and you’re patching it half-assedly and you know it, or “You can just learn both versions of the Charm,” in which case you don’t have regional variants, you’ve just expanded the MA cascade by one, and why are you sticking a moose and an elephant charm in your male bovine style MA and diluting its themes thereby just because males of both those species also happen to be called bulls?)