[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/29/2018
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Would a book similar to Arms of the Chosen, but for non-combat Artifacts be viable? Is there a broad enough potential range of socially oriented, medical, craft oriented, and so on Artifacts that it could hit a similar wordcount, or would such a book necessarily be much shorter?
I think that would be an unnecessary restriction on a hypothetical artifact book. In any case, we expect to keep adding new artifacts in each splatbook, including the occasional noncombat artifact, which should diminish the need for such a book.

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Would the hypothetical craft oriented artifacts from such a book be designed such that they could be examples of things that could be summoned by Words as Workshop Method or would you be trying to get away from that charm?
I'd check with Vance for verification, but the artifacts created by Words-as-Workshop Method never struck me as being the sort that call for being written up; they're more plot devices than anything else. More guidance in their use might be helpful, but a list of premade ones probably wouldn't.