[#][F] The Demented One - 8/9/2018
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Would it make sense and keep things simple to say that the lowest Initiative character simply doesn’t have the option to delay? That delaying is only meaningful when there is anyone else who would otherwise NEED to take their turn after you?
A Storyteller could do that.

Do bare handed clash attacks get the +2 paired weapon bonus?

Savaging attacks must be “unarmed”. Do worn weapons like tiger claws count?

While clinching, can you elect to make a non-savaging attack, so that you can make a non-unarmed attack, like shanking someone with a knife?
So, part one: when something says an unarmed attacks, it means an unarmed attack, and nothing else. No tiger claws, no smashfists, just unarmed.

Part two: The rules for savaging attacks specify you gotta use unarmed attacks. I believe the goal behind this restriction is reducing overall complexity in the already complex grapple subsystem, but it runs counter to many people's intuition or experience of what you can do during a grapple. Storytellers who want to should feel free to allow savaging attacks with weapons they think make sense; it doesn't have much in the way of balance implications.