[#][F] The Demented One - 8/10/2018
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When you hide an item with the Concealable tag, you make some kind of Larceny roll - presumably Dexterity, though I could see the argument for Intelligence or Wits - against a difficulty of 1, but my best efforts have not uncovered what unfolds after this.

How would another character go about discovering your hidden equipment? "Ambient" Perception + Awareness as soon as they see you? Perception + Awareness if they search you bodily? A Profile Character action to notice that you're armed? Presumably they're rolling against your threshold successes, but when and how they're rolling is the real concern for a casual assassin's longevity under scrutiny.
They make a Perception-based roll with an appropriate Ability (probably Awareness, but I could see Investigation) when the Storyteller deems it feasible for them to make such a roll.