[#][F] The Demented One - 8/12/2018
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Sorry if this was asked before, if it was I couldn't see it, but how do you spot a Lunar's tell? For exmaple, one of the Lunars in our game has the tell "gentle brown eyes", even if she was forced into her true human form there is nothing that stands out about this tell to bring it to immediate attention. Or is it enough to have observed their tell, even if you don't know it's their tell, to see through their shapeshifting in future? Or is there something about the tell which allows you to immediately recognize it as the Luanr's tell.

Relatedly, while a lunar is shapeshifted the tell manifests 'subtly', but what about in their true human form? For example, if/when people see Eska in her true human form do they not notice the slitted violet eyes, notice it but some subtle effect causes them to not register it as out of the ordinary, or notice it and potentiall see her as wyld-touched/mutated?
The first time you spot a Lunar's Tell, it doesn't necessarily let you know that, hey, this lady is a Lunar. What its lets you do is then recognize that the wolf that jumped out of the alley has those same gentle brown eyes, and put two and two together.