[#][F] The Demented One - 8/12/2018
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I'm not sure I understand Scent-of-Crime Method correctly. It gives you double 9's on several abilities to "detect the presence of a character that has made a Larceny roll in the last (Essence) hours".
Does the Dragon-Blooded need to know that the Larceny roll was made? Does she need to know who the character is for this charm to function?
If a magistrate about to be ambushed by someone who picked the lock on her door, does this charm function on her roll to oppose the assassin's stealth?
You don't need to know it happened. As long as it happened, it applies.

Bonus question: Would allowing Crafty Observation Method (Core 312) to be repurchased to apply its effects to Profile Character be balanced?
I'd probably do that as a separate super-profiling Charm.

Bonus question 2: Does Hidden Secrets Whispercount as a prerequisite for Terrestrial Circle Sorcery in Dragon-Blooded? Because Excellencies don't count as prerequisites for Solars, but I've been assuming that works differently for DB's.
Yeah it does.