[#][F] The Demented One - 8/12/2018
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But, if I wanted to make a uniquely powerful android servant, I suppose I could use my sorcery to empower them with workings, and my artifice to give them powerful weapons and armor, which could provide them Evocations. Nothing so grand as making another Exalt, but still ultimately resulting in a creature that could equally challenge some Exalted in battle.

Would that be acceptable?
You can create powerful minions with a combination of stuff, yeah.

Also, are Martial Arts Abilities forbidden from allowing grappling gambits except when they explicitly say they allow it? None of the Immaculate Dragon Styles have anything to do with grappling.
No. As long as it's compatible with unarmed attacks, or any other grappling-tagged weapon, it can be used with grapples.

Finally, is the Defense penalty for failing a clash supposed to replace or stack with an onslaught penalty for being attacked?
It stacks.

Do both participants of the clash suffer an onslaught penalty regardless of success or failure?