[#][F] The Demented One - 8/13/2018
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The connection between beastfolk and Lunars has some heavy and unmanageable baggage behind it from prior editions. Is there a particular reason that they're still associated in any fashion? Because the more I consider it, the weirder it seems that the Lunars are thematically associated with non-shapeshifting people with the features of other animals. As a pulp standby, they're likely to show up, but EX3 gave us Izahuaca and a variety of origins for beastfolk in general that had nothing to do with Lunars, so it seems like both halves would have moved on from each other.
Because when you're a shapeshifting culture hero who's a master of animal transformations, transforming other people into beastfolk is squarely in your bailiwick.

(Also, is it likely going to be a huge sticking point if you ignore the relationship and any Charms related to it? How much of the mysticism would you be gutting in this process?)
It wouldn't be a huge issue.