[#][F] RichT - 8/18/2018
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I could misunderstand, but I have this idea that the freelancer submission process is not just a way to maybe get "hired" as a freelance writer, but also a way to give away content to Onyx Path so that (if they like it) they can make it official canon material without needing to pay anyone and while avoiding legal jeopardy.

I asked, but do not think I received a clear answer, about whether posting the content publicly on the forums would hurt the chances of submitted content being accepted and published.

Holden wrote various Styles that he posted online, and it seems they could only have become officially printed canon material because he was employed by Onyx Path at some point and maybe signed away his intellectual property in an official capacity.

I try very hard to write Martial Arts Styles for the game while seeking as little public help or workshopping as possible for that reason, but I'm just not good enough on my own, and I'm getting tired.

Your job is very, very hard. I'm glad you're good at it.
I’m sorry, and I may be misunderstanding, but did you just accuse us of having put a process in place to deliberately steal ideas?