[#][F] Eric Minton - 9/5/2018
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Will anything break if I declare that in my games, any Ability can be used to Introduce Facts, with Lore just having the widest breadth of potential Facts ('anything' as opposed to 'just what this Ability covers')?
Introduce Fact isn't there to let your character know things. While there isn't any specific broad-based rule in the core book that covers knowing things, there's no reason you can't just roll Int + Ability to ask the Storyteller for information. But that's information provided by the Storyteller. When you're using Introduce Fact, you're using it to portray a specific character concept — the character whose obscure knowledge drives the story forward — and doing through via a metagame mechanism that takes control of setting elements normally under Storyteller control and places them in player hands.

As an example, in the TV show House, Dr. House isn't pulling his bullshit diagnoses out of his ass by dint of a higher Medicine rating than the other highly skilled doctors in the cast of characters. He can do it where the others cannot because he's also bought up Lore and is making Introduce Fact rolls based on medical topics.

So in short, it doesn't break the system or anything, but it removes a significant PC niche, makes Introduce Facts rolls much more prevalent in a way that may prove distracting to the Storyteller, and greatly reduces Lore's desirability.