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Do they have an instinctual understanding of how to do the sacred hunt, and that they can gain forms by eating hearts?
More or less. If you want your backstory to have Luna showing you how to perform the sacred hunt, or a First Age flashback that shows it to you, you can do that, but it's not something you'll need a tutor to learn.

But I think the most important question of all, when it comes to Lunars is this:
Does Dog-Tongue Method still exist?
Is it still called Dog-Tongue Method?
Is there a mechanical bonus for players if they bark like a dog, meow like a cat, etc, when using the charm?
There's a comparable effect, but it's not really the same. Different name, different Attribute.

How many charms in the Lunars book include the word "Puppy" in the title?
None. Lunars are red in tooth and claw, not cutesy.