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Just how big of a deal is Assassination in the Realm? Can the Houses just kill someone, knowing that no-one will ask questions, or is assassination something that would be reserved as an emergency measure after all else fails? Or is it in the middle somewhere? Is it more common now because the Magistrates have lost power?
Murder is illegal no matter who commits it. You can avoid getting caught or pull strings with the Imperial judge trying your case, but the ability to murder is not a Dynastic prerogative. Assassination still happens, but carefully and judiciously, not as a first option.

It's more common with the Empress gone and the magistracy diminished, but it still isn't casual.

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How much should the average Dynast worry about being assassinated in the Realm? Can a Dynast travel around the Blessed Isle without needing to worry about “accidents” if they set foot into the wrong House’s territory or is each House fortifying their holdings too much to allow outsiders inside?
What is an "average" Dynast? A typical legionary or Imperial Navy officer has little to worry about; a typical Thousand Scales bureaucrat has at least some small risk of being targeted by an ambitious underling.

As the Realm slides toward civil war, assassination will doubtless be on the rise, both as a preliminary to military action and as the breakdown of law makes it easier to pursue personal grudges. But at what point and to what extent that takes hold is a matter for the Storyteller.

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Are there places on the Blessed Isle other than the Imperial City where several Houses have significant holdings? Like a small city where 3 to 5 different Houses each own a nice manse/mansion.
There are many such places, especially major cities and resort areas.