[#][F] The Demented One - 10/8/2018
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If I play a crafter, and want to start with a big bag of jade or orichalcum, how should I pay for that, merit-wise?

I found, when playing a crafter before, that magical materials were quite difficult to acquire (mostly I killed enemies with jade weapons, and melted their materials down). That made me think about starting with raw materials to make stuff, but I'm not sure how.
"Starting equipment" is something that isn't really covered by Merits. Talk to your Storyteller.

Also, can you make orichalcum with gold, lava and mirrors, or do you have to mine it?
I believe Arms of the Chosen describes the techniques and equipment needed to refine gold into orichalcum as having been lost to the ages, which means it'd take some significant work to recreate them.

And how reasonable is it to use Introduce a Fact for stuff like "there's jade ore in this area/a star will fall over there in a week", etc?
"There be jade in them there hills" is a pretty reasonable fact to introduce, assuming an appropriate background. Predicting a star's descent is...not per se impossible, but I'd imagine that even if a Storyteller allows it, it'd be at a very high difficulty.