[#][F] The Demented One - 10/9/2018
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When it comes to the limits of solar charms in this edition vs previous ones.
In second edition there was the charms called The Truth Shines Through (GotMH Unconquered Sun pg 24) that allowed people with a positive intimacy towards the character to know he was not himself but not know why while under the effects of the great curse.

Also in there was a charm known as Shedding Infinite Radiance (GotMH Unconquered Sun pg 37) That allowed a Solar charm to improve the effects of his Anima powers.

Are these charms that you feel should still be possible within 3rd edition or would you like to not invoke these types of mechanics in this edition.
Truth Shines Through isn't something I see as viable, primarily for setting integrity reasons. Shedding Infinite Radiance seems fine, although I suspect the more fleshed-out anima powers of Ex3 would make that design space trickier.