[#][F] The Demented One - 10/9/2018
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So, my players really like the more roleplaying heavy expressions of the Great Curse you guys did for DBs in WFHW. Are Lunars looking at a more mechanically crunchy Limit system closer to Solars in the core, and that approach mostly just being limited to Lunars, or might we see something similar in splats going forward?

Because it was really cool seeing my playgroup actually want to engage with Limit/the Great Curse, given they've rarely had reasons to really enjoy the ticking time bomb aspect, but acting out their characters' flaws in larger amounts for XP was generally a more interesting incentive than the Willpower recharge.
Lunars follow a model that's more similar to Solars, but it's trivial to swap that out for something more like what the Dragon-Blooded have.