[#][F] Eric Minton - 10/9/2018
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In theory, if someone on the design team had a good enough Exalted Splat idea (and it didn't break down on further examination like some of the others have), would you guys consider introducing it to canon? Or is the door pretty firmly closed on new canon Exalted?
It's highly unlikely. If one of the three optional-canon Exalted in Exigents proves sufficiently appealing to the fanbase, we might make it fully canonical, but any other new Exalted splats we may come up with would also end up optional canon for the same reasons as those three.

EDIT: Also, to avoid confusion: The three optional-canon Exalts lined up for Exigents didn't "break down on further examination." If we felt they were bad for the line, we wouldn't have made them optional; we simply wouldn't print them at all. They're optional because the line is already packed with Exalted types, and we didn't want the default setting to feel overly cluttered and overstuffed with them.