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A) How common are earthquakes in the Blessed Isle?
Rare enough to be remarkable, but they do happen. Recent earthquakes are mentioned in The Realm.

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B) So is it a design choice for this edition to not focus in on the First Age as it was explored in the previous editions and just leave it more vague and nonessential?

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I ask this since this seems to be the feeling I got after reading through your guys answers relating to First Age stuff. I'm fine with that since the games premise is in the Times of Tumult not in the history of an age lost past. It's just I often found First Age stuff to be more relevant important in making Solar stories since they don't have a cultural background to interact with like the DBs Realm, the Lunar's Silver Pact, or the Sidereal Yu Shan, since while the Solars can pretty much do anything they wish to I always want to tie them back to a larger culture for them not to be so generic, despite that is a way to describe a Solar. So yeah what I'm asking is that while the First Age is gonna be referenced time and time again given it's important, I shouldn't expect a book that will just be about the First Age like it was in the past. Is that a correct assumption to make?
We don't intend on putting out a book covering the First Age. It's not something we plan to focus on, as we find that it tends to draw attention away from the events of actual play in the Age of Sorrows. Likewise, while groups are free to make First Age memories central to play in their chronicle, it's not going to hold a major role in canonical material.

Also note that 3e's First Age is intended to cover a broad range of societies and cultures, rather than the relatively static monoculture of 2e portrayals. So you're free to make up not only your own First Age at your table, but each Solar's First Age memories may present a very different picture of what First Age life and society was like.