[#][F] The Demented One - 11/1/2018
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What makes a hunt a "hunt"?

Is it the intent and preparation, or a literal chase and battle sort of "hunt", as Second Edition painted it?

In First Edition, Changing Moons could acquire Heart's Blood by persuading others to do the physical work of tracking, wounding, and restraining the prey so that the Changing Moon could safely deliver the killing blow without breaking a sweat. Not a hunt in terms of a personal chase, but she definitely committed to a deliberate and intentional plan to kill her prey.

Likewise, a No Moon could use her great intellect and wit to set a trap for her prey and then perhaps bombard it with obsidian butterflies until it dies, and then lick some of the blood. Or, if not a sorcerer, perhaps line the trap with poisoned spikes that do the work for her, and then she takes the blood without a chase or actual battle.
Fangs at the Gate will cover this in depth.