[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2018
Dan Dawn Caste is fighting John Q. Sidereal. Dan is a Single Point practitioner and uses Fatal Stroke Flash against John. John is the Bronze Faction Assassin from the core book and uses Unwavering Well-Being Meditation. Does Dan reduce his raw Decisive damage BEFORE adding the bonus from Fatal Stroke Flash, or AFTER?
Per standard order of operations, addition and subtraction occur at the same time. However, Fatal Stroke Flash's cap cares about your Initiative, not your base damage, so it wouldn't be affected.

a question on the Belt of Shadow Walking; how does it interact with flaring Anima while the user is in shadow form? Does the shadow shine with the character's Anima in the material, dematerial, both or neither?
Hrm. Tricky, as dematerializing isn't really a standard Stealth effect, but it is definitely Stealth-adjacent. I think it'd only be visible to characters capable of viewing the dematerialized, but if someone else thinks it should work the other way, I'm not gonna disagree with them.