[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2018
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I can't help but feel as though, in the context of that awareness and representation, some of the older attitudes around Twin-Faced Hero are a bit outdated, or at least awkward. Honestly, I feel as though the place of the power in its original contexts were a bit awkward and ambiguous (is it about having an option for disguise without needing Heart's Blood? Introducing a characterisation point in which shapeshifting makes gender something aesthetic to be manipulated or ignored at will*, which requires spending XP and intricate mechanical representation?
So, threshold issue: Twin-Faced Hero is no longer a standalone Charm, it just ain't worth 8 XP. There's one Charm that lets you alter the cosmetic traits of your shapes, and that includes sexual characteristics.

The point of my lengthy pre-amble is to ask for any preliminary thoughts on what place (if any) the power might have in the upcoming book.
It's multi-purpose. It can be used by your master infiltrator types to assume cover identities that aren't a preexisting person. It can customize your true form to suit your gender identity (although of course, nonbinary and genderfluid people exist in the real world even without shapeshifting powers!). It does a lot.