[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2018
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How much of a thematic gap will there between the Raksha and Dreamed-Soul, Raksha are probably gonna get a splatbook somewhere down eventually so I’m wondering how much of an overlap there will be with these optional exalts given since even discounting the connection between the Wyld, the ability to warp reality is also something that seems common between them. So how much of a diverge are you guys considering? Is it as far as the shared link of Underworld between Abyssals and Liminals but not much else or is it closer then that?
They're totally different things.

Also you have mentioned that the Hearteaters are corrupted Exalts from an age long past, I’m curious did their Incarnae share their fate or was it only something that happened to the Exaltions like it is with the Infernals and Abyssals?
Their Incarna wasn't around by then.