[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2018
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Will it contain additional mutations to expand upon what's already in the core rule book?
A bunch.

Will Lunars need to buy the "speak in animal form" charm again, or will that be an intrinsic benefit similar to how hiding tattoos isn't supposed to cost a charm/knack now?
As an animal, your communication is limited to what that animal can do normally (like convincing your owner that you haven't been fed despite them giving you food five minutes ago in a cat's shape), which the core social influence system already covers. If you want to attain unlimited communication, you'll need a Charm.

Will there be any Martial Arts included in the books that are Lunar derived, and if so would they synergize at all with lunar essence like with dragonblooded's immaculate styles?
There's not anything equivalent to the degree of integration that Dragon-Blooded have with the Immaculate Dragon styles.

How will Lunars keep up with Solars and their Supernal abilities in mixed Solar/Lunar games, especially with there being a good chance of overlapping focuses (like combat or infiltration)?
How will Solars keep up with Lunars' ability to get easy access to flight, or huge Stealth bonuses from turning into rats or fleas?