[#][F] Chai Tea - 2/4/2013
Wise Old Guru wrote:
3. I'm excited about the "mythic" qualities of animals which are being emphasized here, because most human mythology roots in animals of one kind or another. I'm a little sad to see the scientific bits go, though...I really liked playing arthropod or deep-sea totems with strange and alien themes and powers. I've seen players get a lot of terrifying mileage out of spiders, wasps, sea urchins, centipedes, and in one absolutely horrifying case a tick-totemed Lunar. Dear Devs: please remember that some of us really really really love bugs, and that bugs are CRAZY AWESOME in terms of ideas for neat powers, even if you don't copy them exactly.
I love me some weird totems, too. I would not want to see them disappear either, and I don't think they will. That said, I think that in the places the Charms reference animals, they will reference things animals are famous for in human mythology and culture. (i.e., no Pistol Shrimp Ignites the Sun Atemi.)