[#][F] The Demented One - 1/9/2019
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To be clear, the damage dice affects all creatures of darkness in range, but the effects of Paralyzing Combustion Imbuement only get applied to enemy creatures of darkness, as the text indicates? I just want to make sure there wasn't an error there.

If all references to "enemies" in the Charm's effect should be read as "all creatures of darkness, enemy or ally or neutral", does a character get to choose not to attack some of her potential targets or do they attack everything indiscriminately?
The Paralyzing Combustion Imbuement should apply indiscriminately; I'll tweak that in the errata implementation. You aren't forced to attack allies, though.

If a Zenith were to incapacitate a creature of darkness with Lone Spark Lights the Conflagration and then use their anima power that lets them not reset their initiative after the hit, would they be allowed to use the Mastery effect or is the resetting to base Initiative part of the necessary activation conditions for that effect? I suppose this question would also apply to any other hypothetical Initiative-resetting-prevention-after-decisive-attack effects there might be in the future.
You can still use it; that language is just to clarify how the sequence plays out normally.

Also, after resetting to base Initiative after LSLtC's series of decisive attacks, do you receive 1 extra base Initiative per decisive attack hit from Golden Janissary Form, or 1 base Initiative total?
Just one total.