[#][F] The Demented One - 1/12/2019
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The 3e corebook says "[t]hough they are death’s champions, the Abyssals yet live," which is how it was in previous editions. What Fire Has Wrought refers to Abyssals as "undead Exalted" (under Eternal Death-Banishing Blossom, p. 233). (There's also at least one other Charm that mentions "undead Exalted" without naming Abyssals specifically.)

Is this a deliberate change, i.e. are Abyssal Exalted actually undead now? Or should those Charm descriptions say something more like "Exalted who are creatures of death?"
It's not a deliberate change — "undead" is nebulous enough of a concept in Exalted's cosmology that it's tricky to draw precise lines. The Abyssal Exalted haven't died yet, but they're suffused with the Essence of death itself. Saying "creature of death" over and over burns wordcount, and it isn't any more precise, so "undead Exalted" it is. That doesn't change any of the specifics of what playing an Abyssal will be like.