[#][F] The Demented One - 1/12/2019
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So if a Lunar sacred hunts a person who people worship (cult background) and the worshippers haven't learend of the death, does the lunar get their cult? or does the prayer not go to the lunar? Or is it a only while in that form deal?
Just taking their shape probably isn't going to be enough; you'd need to then do something to get those people worshipping you, not just the abstract idea of that person. It's the same as if some rando killed that person and then disguised themself as him—the disguise itself wouldn't secure them the worship, they'd have to use it to impersonate him.

And this is more a fluff question. How knowledgeable are the thresholds of anathema? Like are there places where a lunar goes totem and the locals don't think "Oh its an Ogre" and instead go ".... welp better work with this new god"?
The Threshold's extremely large, so it's gonna be highly variable. The average person who sees someone that's clearly supernatural is going to assume it's a god.