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So how big are the Realm Legions now? Back in 2nd ed and I think in 1st they were each about 5k. But reading the New DragonBlooded book they seem to be bigger over all, like each legion is composed of multiple groups of 5k perhaps?
A legion has 5,000 legionnaires, roughly 2,000-3,000 skirmishers, and a small assortment of officers and specialists. Auxiliary forces attached to legions in the field vary widely in size and composition.

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Am I misinterpreting this. If they are only 5k per legion then it doesn’t seem like they have the forces to “defend” all the Satrapies and man the Realms military HQs.
What you're missing here is that satrapial garrisons aren't composed of legionary forces. The garrisons have always been supplied by the Great Houses, even before the Imperial legions were divvied up among the houses after the Empress' disappearance. They are a completely different set of troops.