[#][F] Eric Minton - 2/6/2019
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On the first question, I wasn't so much asking about mechanics as story, but the point is taken that there are many types of Akuma that might have different abilities both in their base form, and what they were granted. However, I was trying to ask if say a Terrestrial Exalted Akuma focused on combat would be a threat to a combat-focused solar as a matter of story?
As Vance says, in 3e "Akuma" isn't a mechanical template that you paste onto an Exalt. It's an umbrella term for someone who's been granted infernal power. The term "Terrestrial Exalted Akuma," by itself, provides no meaningful information on the particulars of the infernal powers that a Dragon-Blood may have received. So the answer is that whether any given akuma is a challenge to your PCs is up to whatever traits your Storyteller decided to assign to that akuma.

(This seems like something we might want to provide guidance for in a future book. But it's not something that we have the wherewithal to address at this time.)